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Chicago Faculty/Staff Annual Commuter Permit - Parking

Are you an employee in the Office for Research?

View Permit eligibility, permit Policies and Application, Replacement, Cancellation Process and contact your parking administrator, Barbara Beeuwsaert.

Parking permits are required at all times for all faculty, staff utilizing parking in any campus lots or garages on the Northwestern University Chicago campus.
Unlimited parking access to the assigned garage. Vehicle storage for more than 24 hours is not permitted. Only one vehicle per parking permit. Annual Commuter Permits are valid October 1 to September 30.

HR Operations Document Submission

Use this process to submit completed, signed documentation to Research Administration and HR Operations for processing.

Please contact Research Administrative Services
Phone: 847-491-3327 / Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert

Time System

The Workforce Software (WFS) Time System is used by biweekly-paid regular staff, temporary employees, and student employees to log hours each pay period. Monthly-paid staff, Librarians, Research Staff and postdocs use WFS Time System to record vacation, sick, and other leave time each month.
Historical Edits for old Kronos pay periods must still be submitted to HR for processing using this form.

WFS desktop or mobile access: 
WFS Login

Biweekly/Temp Employees

  • Time entry deadline: 5:00pm, last Friday of the pay period
  • Supervisor approval deadline: 1:00pm, the Monday after the end of the pay period
  • Biweekly pay and cut-off dates, Deadlines may occur earlier around University holidays or when monthly deadlines fall on a weekend.

Monthly Staff

  • Time entry deadline: 6th day of the following month
  • Supervisor approval deadline: 12th day of the following month
  • Monthly pay and cut-off dates Deadlines may occur earlier around University holidays or when monthly deadlines fall on a weekend.
  • Recording Part-Time and Flex-Time Schedules (only for exempt staff employees):

Employees who work part-time or work full-time with a flex schedule must submit a Flexible/Part-Time Schedule – Monthly Staff. This information is needed to accurately reflect absences and calculate leave accrual balances.

Question, please contact Research HR Administration
Phone: 847-491-3327 / Email: Barbara R Beeuwsaert,

Job Aid or recorded video can be found on the instructions page,  
Time Entry: Human Resources - Northwestern University

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

For Employees

For Managers


Leaves, Holidays, Time Off, Payment of Vacation and Personal Floating Holiday

Northwestern University offers a variety Leaves, Holidays, Time off options for eligible faculty and staff.

  • Accrued vacation time cannot exceed one and one-half times the annual accrual.
  • For more information regarding the payment of vacation and personal floating holidays, refer to Section 6: Paid Time Away from Work of the Staff Handbook.

Transfer and Separation
When a staff member transfers to another staff position at Northwestern University, the staff member and supervisor should ensure that the University-approved time entry system is up to date and accruals are approved by the supervisor. Staff members who transfer from one department/unit to another retain their personal floating holiday time.

When a staff member’s primary role is changed from staff to faculty, all of the staff member’s personal floating holiday time will be paid out upon transfer to the faculty status.

On separation from the University Staff members may not use vacation or personal floating holidays on their last workday, to extend their termination date unless they are planning to retire from the University.
The staff member and supervisor must approve all vacation and personal floating holiday time balances in the University-approved time entry system to ensure the staff member receives the correct accrual payout.

Vacation, Personal floating holiday time payout

  • Non-sponsored accounts are still responsible for any portion of payout or severance that would otherwise be charged to those accounts (proportional to the employee’s position funding distribution)
    – First week vacation is charged to the HR Benefits Pool
    – Remainder of vacation hours and all PFH hours are charged to the non‐sponsored accounts, according to the current funding distribution
  • Grant-Funded Employees / sponsored projects (funds 6xx, 191, 192,193)
    The new central Grant Benefit Pool will incur the costs of vacation, PFH, and sick pool payouts which otherwise would have been charged to a sponsored account.
    Salary Continuation (severance pay) for a full or partial grant-funded employee will see the proportion of grant funding redirected to the Grant Benefit Pool instead.
    All processes happen automatically, with no intervention from the department required
  • Future timecards should no longer be generated in Kronos, although we have seen that occasionally terminated employee do not always disappears in Kronos. If that is the case, please make sure that no hours have been recorded.

Non-Benefit Eligible Paid Sick Leave


myHR Login Page (Multi-factor authentication required)

Self Service
, where employees can maintain and view payroll, benefits and personal information; access to myHR Learn and job postings; and more.

Manager Self Service
, where managers can view approvals, job openings and other information.

myHR Administration
: Need administrative rights to myHR and related systems (eRecruit, HR data Access, Position Funding Management, Temp Administration, I-9 Service Center, and/or myHR/Cognos reports)?

Submit the HR Systems General Access Form to Research Administrative Services Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert. Note that most functions require completed training before access will be granted.

Administration webpages to access forms, find system documentation and system code lists, find information on related systems and more.

myHR – Additional Pay Requests

Please refer to the Additional Pay process and workflow chart and submit the Additional Pay Request Form to Research Administrative Services

Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert

myHR – Reports To

To change the approver for Conflict of Interest (COI), Performance, Training (Learning & Development), Performance, Kronos Timecard/Leave Accrual and Expenses, please contact Research Administrative Services
Phone: 847-491-3327 / Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert

NetID Assignment

How is an employee NetID assigned?
A Northwestern NetID and email address is automatically created for a new employee once the hire is processed by HR.
Soon  after the hire is processed by HR Operations, the hiring department’s NetID Coordinator will receive an email that must be forwarded to the employee; this email contains an activation code and instructions for setting up the NetID.

Who is the NetID Coordinator?
Barbara Beeuwsaert is the NetID Coordinator for the Research Administrative departments; URIC should designate their own. Review the latest Department List online.

Please contact Research Administration Services
Phone: 847-491-3327 / Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert

For more information about NetIDs, see the Northwestern IT website.

Payroll Expenses Reports (PED- Cognos/BI reports)

Payroll expense report, organized by department, by chartstring and Position Management Reports are available upon to Directors/Administrators upon request to Research Administrative Services

Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert

Performance Excellence Manager Resources

Northwestern’s Performance Excellence is a year-round experience with three phases, conducted through myHR Learn. 
Bookmark Learning and Performance for tools and resources, as well as myHR Learn to access the online experience.

Note to Review Owner: The review cycle has not yet been released. Staff may enter their goals via the ‘Me’ tab. Once the 2019-20 review cycle has been released, goals will be automatically added to the review or may be manually pulled into the review. When reviews are released, the Performance approver/review owner will populate on the review. So please ensure the myHR “reports to” performance approver are up to date.

myHR Reports To and MyHR Learn may not always be correctly syncing, resulting with supervisors not assigned as PEX review owners.

Please contact Research Administrative Services
Phone: 847-491-3327 / Email: Barbara Beeuwsaert

Salary Relief Extended Sick Time

In certain cases, departments may recover salary paid to an employee for time paid during an approved Extended Sick leave.  The central HR Extended Sick Pool may be charged for an eligible employee on an approved medical leave following the fifth work day.

  • The employee’s medical leave must be for their own illness and must be approved by The Hartford
  • The department is responsible for payment during the requisite 5‐workday waiting period before EST begins
  • Requests for salary relief must be initiated within 90 days of the date the employee’s leave began (for monthly employees)
  • If an employee leaves again within 90 days of their return, there is no 5-workday waiting period

Recovering EST for Biweekly Employees

Upon approval from The Hartford, biweekly-paid employees are automatically coded in Kronos with the “EST” earnings code, and all eligible pay will be charged by default to the HR Extended Sick Pool.  No additional action is necessary.

Recovering EST for Monthly Employees

Because they do not complete a daily timesheet, it is the department’s responsibility to initiate the EST salary recovery for monthly employees.

  • The employee’s monthly salary will be charged as usual to the funding accounts; position funding should not be changed.
  • Following payment, a myHR administrator in the affected department or school must enter a journal in myHR to recover salary:
    1. Credit the appropriate chartstrings for any payment incurred after the 5-workday waiting period
    2. Charge all salary to the HR Extended Sick Pool: 1201130001
  • Journals must be entered within 90 days of the initial charge, but may be entered in multiple stages for long leaves.
  • All journals directing funds to the EST pool will be reviewed and approved by the HR Benefits division using the EST information from The Hartford.

See the EST Quick Guide for an example journal entry.  For more information about myHR journal entries, refer to the HRS102 Deployed Funding documentation.